Peak Performance Disc

The Relief Disc Peak Performance Disc

When you need a quick boost of energy or increased stamina, this disc is for you! We’ve combined several adaptogenic frequencies with nitric oxide and omega-3’s to give you the improved performance you need. This disc will help improve circulation, blood flow, recovery and stamina. It’s most often used to improve athletic performance or recovery after intense work.

Every athlete knows they use up nutrition as they compete. This disc will help an athlete supply the necessary nutritional frequencies that are being lost in competition. We have had a number of athletes break personal records after using this product.

Through our extensive testing with high performance athletes we found what athletes need, the problem is that you can't just load an athlete with x,w,z nutrition and expect it will last. The body burns through nutrition at different rates and the beauty of the performance discs is that it is able to supply the body with what it needs when needed most. The body may use more B vitamins or essential fatty acids or adrenal support. Its handles easily by the body by accessing the frequencies when it needs it. The body performs at its optimum when supplied with the correct frequencies at the right time.

The frequencies with each disc will last up to 12 months. Questions? Please reach out to us!