Pet Relief Disc

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The Pet Relief Disc is a bio-frequency disc that constantly communicates with your pet's body systems to maintain health and balance. These bio-frequency energy waves help your pet stay comfortable, energized, and stable.

The Pet Relief Disc was designed to initially help older dogs feel better and enjoy their later years. By using hemp oil, good quality fish oils, calcium and other essential nutrients we accomplished that goal. Our surprise was when we used it on younger dogs, they seem to be calmer and a lot easier to train. It works the same on cats but most of our testing has been with dogs...sorry we are just dog people.

By supporting both the Endocannabinoid System and histamine response, the The Pet Relief Disc benefits and assists with, anxiety, mobility, stiffness, discomfort, immune function, chronic allergies, and overall vitality. Symptoms will subside while the disc is on or near your pet.