Stress-Anxiety-PTSD Relief Disc

The Relief Disc Human Relief Disc - PTSD

This biofrequency disc gets to the core of what we do and who we want to help. With mental health issues on the rise, it’s imperative we as a society have viable options for those that need support. Many of our friends and family were in the military. We had them in mind as we developed this biofrequency disc. The Human Relief PTSD disc utilizes calming frequencies for the brain and rejuvenating frequencies for the nervous system to help establish balance by way of positivity, rejuvenation and long-term vitality. This disc helps the body adapt and recover. It can be used with but not limited to veterans, fireman, police, healthcare works and those with trauma in their lives.

The frequencies with each disc will last up to 12 months. Questions? Please reach out to us!